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There comes a time when your household or business will need services such as running payroll management, financial statement production, audit assistance, and the like at the hands of experienced individuals. We here at Houston Bookkeeping and Accounting have been immersed in the broader financial world for as long we can remember. Occupied by only the most capable accountants you can find, our offices are always equipped to effectively handle any dilemma or request a client might have. 


However, sometimes our clients tend to have a few misconceptions about accounting and bookkeeping as a whole when they approach us. While it might not be that egregious, we always believe that smoothing out any potential road bumps in a transaction is the best way to start the day. So before you think of availing of our wide variety of services, there are a handful of things to save and cherish in mind before pulling the trigger.

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Before Availing Accounting Services


Are you in need of accounting or bookkeeping services?


It’s quite a common occurrence when the average client first visits us. Their tasks and responsibilities may often overlap with each other. Still, there’s a clear difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers are commonly tasked with the overall management of a client’s financial transactions – from making sure that employee wages run smoothly to organizing the financial data of a household or business to performing routine accounting tasks. Now an accountant can also do all of this, but at the same time, their jobs, in particular, can branch out to become far more specialized. Meaning they can become financial advisors, tax preparation, and a whole list of other roles a client might require. Keep these differences in mind when trying for a service.


Do I really need accounting or bookkeeping services?


This is a bit harder to answer. Sometimes we’ll get clients who realize that they don’t require help beyond simple financial advice. So it’s important that before everything else, you’re able to at the very least, properly evaluate the state of your finances/livelihood and accurately decide on whether you need expert help or not. That being said, if you’re still not necessarily sure, then we’re always available for meetings or consultations so that we can figure out your needs together.

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I’m never really sure about data security?


A perfectly normal worry. In fact, it would be strange for people to not care about a potential breach in their personal data. We here at Houston Bookkeeping and Accounting make data protection our utmost priority whenever dealing with a job. We fully understand that the company is fully liable when the handling of confidential information is involved. Through advanced security programs and a dynamic system that aims to minimize human error, you can be sure that your data security is guaranteed.


Always open to answer all the potential concerns our clients might have. It’s incredibly satisfying to know that even though simple dialogue, we’re able to serve you. Still, we also appreciate if a client has confidently done their research to smoothen out things better. It might not be a big difference, but squashing even the smallest of worries or misconceptions can significantly help you choose a service.