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Most business owners agree that tax and accounting is no easy feat. A lot of time, effort, and energy has to be spent doing the job. You have to be methodical and thorough to make sure that accounting of taxes is done properly. The result of this stressful job should at all times be error-free, for the filing of taxes to be accurate and avoid any inconvenience or unnecessary additional payment of tax fees that the company might incur. To file the right taxes, you have to scrutinize various paper works and need to fill out the right forms. Also, you will have to consider the company’s cash flow, tax payment deadlines, and more. 

At Houston Accountants, we can help you alleviate all these tax preparation problems. Get your shoulders free from these grueling processes and let our team of licensed Certified Public Accountants does the job for you. Hiring our tax and accounting services will be one of the healthiest investment decisions you’ll ever make in your business. 

With the expertise and experience of our team of professionals dealing with different businesses, we shall provide you with a structured plan of setting up your financial system and preparing your taxes in the future. 

We will lead and guide you with all the steps you need to follow: 

Identifying Your Business Structure 

We will help you identify your business structure as this will impact the way your taxes are filed. Knowing your business entity will help you acquire the right tax and accounting services that will meet your unique needs. 



Accurate and Timely Recording of Transactions for Tax Preparation

We will help you prepare for the filing of taxes from the get-go. You don’t have to wait until tax season to start tax preparation. Rather, we will be doing this year-long. We will help you track the money that is flowing in and out of your accounts. We will help you understand that records are the foundation of a successful tax filing. Accurate and timely recording of the data and information you need to prepare your tax filing is very crucial in our tax and accounting services. We make sure all records are always updated and error-free. 

Here are the specific records that you will need to prepare, depending on your kind of business. 

All the company’s income-generating process must be recorded properly, such as sales transactions (receipts), returns, interest from bank accounts, and any other money that flows into your account throughout the year. 

Remember that all income received must be reported accurately. We will help you maintain a detailed record of your income as your business accepts different forms of payment. 

Just the same, the importance of properly recording your company’s expenses is crucial in the filing of the right taxes. It may become stressful to record every penny that is spent, but not only is it important to know when, where, what, and how the money was spent, you must also have the proper documentation to all the transactions that are going on in your business. The exact date when the money was spent. Where and what was the money spent on? And how was the money spent? These questions must be answered to have the exact details and to have the proper documentation of the expenses. Here are some of the records of expenses that you should always keep an eye on, such as utilities, marketing costs, interest costs, maintenance or repair work, rent, business development costs, insurance premiums, inventory purchases, employee salaries, various forms, and more. 



Identifying the Right Tax Forms

The kind of business you have has a corresponding tax form used by the IRS. We can tell you that there are a lot of these forms. But you don’t have to fill every available form! We will help you choose the forms that apply to your business entity. Also, we will guide you through the tedious process of filing the forms with the concerned government agencies.

Efficient Tax and Accounting Services

We will be providing you efficient tax and accounting services designed to help you before, during, and after-tax preparation. As we’ve mentioned before, our task is performed year-round, and you will have our efficient support from the start of tax preparation until all necessary taxes are filed to the proper authorities.

Our mission is to provide you a strong and effective accounting system that makes it easy to monitor and track all your company’s income and expenses year-long. We will provide you with advanced software that will facilitate in collecting the needed information when it is time to file your taxes each year. With our expertise and experience, we will constantly update you with the changes in tax laws so you can be aware of the developments that can impact your business.

We will thoroughly review the financial report and other necessary information. Our accounting professionals will handle the filing of both your business tax return and personal tax return, if and when necessary. This process will help you to maximize the overall tax benefits available for your personal and business needs.  

After the tax season is over, rest assured that your professional accounting team continues to go on with their work. We will make sure that everything is properly checked and monitored and have your company be ready for the next tax preparation period. Rest assured that your accounting professionals are just a phone call away if you need support. Or, if an audit occurs, our experts are ready and standing by to assist you. 

IRS Representation

Our years of successful tax and accounting services have provided us a level of competence that ensures our valued clients are properly represented before the various federal and state tax agencies. Our accounting professionals are well-versed in this field and have a wide range of connections that will be necessary for the performance of our job. 

These and more are what Houston Accountants can provide you about your tax and accounting services. We ensure that the efficient delivery of tax preparation services to your company will help you achieve financial business success in the future.

We hope we have provided you with a deep understanding of our excellent tax preparation and accounting services. If you have other inquiries, feel free to contact us now!